It's time to move from chaos to peace
Create a better daily flow so you can be less overwhelmed 
and focus your energy on the essential
If you would like to focus your energy on what's essential and finally put a stop to the cycle of overwhelm in your day to day, this is the life-changing book you need.

Here’s why: 

 I'm going to reveal 4 key elements that are simple yet powerful concepts to help you get out of that daily overwhelm cycle and finally start creating a better daily flow so you can Stay Flowcused!

But first, let me introduce myself...
My name is Stéfany and I've lived in a state of overwhelm for far too long... 

I always put everyone else's needs before me, made self-care the last of my priorities and things really took a toll when my daughter was born in 2015, and as you can imagine even more when the pandemic started in 2020. 

To add to that, my highly sensitive soul got a double-punch empathizing with so many parents feeling the daily overwhelm, anxiety and stress and not taking the time to take care of themselves especially throughout this intense period in our history.

It was at that moment that 
I realized there 
must be a better way.

I was divinely inspired to simplify these time-tested concepts and activate them into my day to day life. I started seeing my perspective shift to the better as I created a better daily flow more intentionally, and moved from chaos to peace. I received my flowcus back and my mind was at ease!

I then started coaching others on how to create a better daily flow based on the 4 key elements. Their spirits lifted, energy increased and rather than feeling like life was controlling their every minute, they started to be more optimistic about life.
Before I tell you more about it, 
first let me warn you...

There is no overnight fix to overwhelm.

By reading this ebook, you will not become completely peaceful overnight.

The truth is, I am not sure what kind of results the person who reads this will accomplish, 
if not matched with consistency and actions.

Creating a better daily flow takes work.

If you are not willing to activate these parts of you,
this book may not be for you.
With that said, let me jump in and show you.


First, let me say this isn't your "ordinary" self-help book.

You can actually use the concepts described to
curate your day to day flow based on 
your own unique needs, 
create the life you've always dreamed and more.

Whether you're a new mom, single dad
college student, or a caretaker of any kind...

If you want to truly move out of your state of overwhelm
stop watching life pass you by and be more intentional with your time and energy,
or simply focus on you for a change... 
this book is for you.

Exactly what you are getting...
  • What is a DAILY FLOW anyways and why is it important?
  • ​Foundations of FLOW and ENERGY
  • ​The FOUR key elements to create a better daily flow
  • ​Fool-proof approach to making sure you put these elements INTO PRACTICE
  • ​Finding balance between TIME MANAGEMENT and ENERGY MANAGEMENT
  • How to use the FLOWCUS CONTINUUM to help you manage your day as a flow system
  • ​​How to START SLOW and BE CONSISTENT in order to Stay Flowcused

Plus... Practical exercises to inspire REFLECTION and drive you to ACTION.

...and much more

Exclusive Bonus Templates & References!

Included in this eBook, 
you're getting powerful FREE BONUS TEMPLATES AND REFERENCES to help you engrain the 
Stay Flowcused practices and ensure that what you read can be turned into action and practice.

If your first thought is, "Not another book!" DON'T WORRY. The strategies I'm teaching you work, so that this book works for improving your day to day.. 

In other words, this "new" guide will focus on taking how you organize your day to day to the next level... FAST 
(...without having to buy multiple books or search for information online eternally)

These are the exact printable templates I am using in order to Stay Flowcused.

There is no charge for it. 

I want you to have it as my gift for checking out my book.

The bonus includes:
  • ​Flowcus Continuum one-pager reference 
  • ​Time and energy tracker
  • ​My Personal Flowcused Continuum
  • Goal setting template & example

So the real questions is...
Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what I've claimed today, 
it will pay for itself as soon as you start to feel the weight of overwhelm lifted off your shoulders,
your energy levels increase, and your mental clarity bring you into a state of flow and focus more often.

So if you are ready, just go ahead...
Click the "YES! Send me the book now" button!

HERE's what to do next...
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You can access your book anytime, anywhere, without having to wait for any packages.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

If you are thinking, "wait why is this so cheap" or maybe "I just don't have the time right now", or whatever else is holding you back from getting to where you want to be, what I want you to know is this:

I've got your back! I want to see you succeed and get into a better daily flow so you can Stay Flowcused!

With that being said, there is ONE more thing to keep in mind...

Time is of the essence!

Here's why:

I actually lose money when selling the book at this price. It costs me more to advertise in order to sell one book.

So why would I do that?

Simple! I want to create a great impression on you, so that one day you might do business with me again.

Pretty straight forward really.

That being said, this is a limited time offer.

This is a limited time offer that won't last, so claim your copy now!


Love it or get a 100% refund.

I 100% guarantee you will love the ebook or I will return your $7 and you can keep the book anyway! If you don't love it and find it easy to implement the reflections and practices in order to create and curate your better daily flow, email me at and I will happily refund you and seek your improvement feedback! Sound fair? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


P.S. In case you're like me and like to skip to the end of the page, here are the details:

I'm giving you my BRAND NEW "Stay Flowcused" that covers an introduction to the 4 key elements to create a better daily flow to improve your day to day from a state of overwhelm to peace and more energy.

All you pay is $7 US.

PLUS you get EXCLUSIVE bonus templates and references.

We’ve all heard of the expression: Go with the flow…
What I propose here is a little different - 
I invite you to CREATE YOUR OWN FLOW.

Going with the flow is important sometimes, when life circumstances get thrown at us and we need to adjust and not fight the storm. 
But creating your own flow during the majority of your day to day can help you enter a state of calm, peace and focus, where your energy is going to the right places (things, people) at the right time.

  • This is for you if you always seem to put everyone else's needs before your own.
  • ​This is for you if you are an overwhelmed mom or dad with just too much to do, and so little time. 
  • ​This is for you if you are a student trying to do it all, all the time.
  • ​Whoever you are, if you feel like you barely ever get a minute to yourself, this is for you!
It's time for you to choose peace over overwhelm. 
It's time for you to choose you!

This is a limited time offer, there is no catch.

In fact, I 100% got your back: if you don't love this book, I will give you your $7 US back and you keep the book!

So, are you ready to create a better daily flow, get out of the overwhelm and Stay Flowcused with me?

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